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Jigsaw is what happens when the dead genre of 3D platforming rises from the grave to seek revenge. A retro reanimation! Jigsaw asks exactly how long mascot buddy animals would last in the clutches of a serial killer. Classic sandbox platforming from the heyday of the genre is infected with survival horror mechanics like light resource management and an unkillable stalking monster! Traverse two kinds of retro early 3D nostalgia stitched together into a unique chimera as you explore colorful, creative deathtraps along with your own mortality! Join Pan and Flute in their struggle to escape while remaining endangered instead of extinct.
Pan is a Red Panda, and as such he’s an excellent climber.
An optimist as well as a pacifist, Pan believes everyone has good in them despite what they might do.
His forgiving and happy-go-lucky attitude would probably get him killed in seconds if it weren’t for his buddy.


Flute is a Feathered Dinosaur. She has big dreams of being… well, big.
She seems sarcastic and grumpy to hide her insecurity. She might be small but her teeth are ready for action! Her fierce bite is ready to back up her bark, but has she bit off more than she can chew?


These two find themselves kidnapped and forced to play a twisted game for their survival.